PLAYCE Membership

FULL MEMBERSHIP (for individuals):

After attending 2 PLAYCE events, send a cv and covering e-mail to the PLAYCE secretary and chair (rosie .parnell(at), (pihla.meskanen(at)

Annual fee: €30

Being a full member of PLAYCE means that you can take part in the governance of PLAYCE by voting on relevant issues such as the board members. This is in addition to taking part in PLAYCE events and communicating with the network members. To become a full member you need to have attended at least two PLAYCE events. If you then decide you want to become a full member, please send your CV to the PLAYCE secretary and chair (rosie .parnell(at), (pihla.meskanen(at) Your covering e-mail and CV  will be treated as your application for membership and will be considered by the PLAYCE board. Alternatively you can submit your CV to the board in person at the second event. If you are then invited to become a member you will be asked to pay an annual fee of €30.



Send information about your organisation and the reasons why it wants to become a member to the PLAYCE secretary and chair (rosie .parnell(at), (pihla.meskanen(at)

Annual fee: €100

Organisations can also become members of PLAYCE. This grants an organisation one vote in relevant PLAYCE matters and one contact name is required for such communications. If your organisation would like to become a member of PLAYCE please send an application via e-mail giving details of your organisation, any relevant work that it does and the reasons for wanting to become a member. Please also provide the contact name. Your application will be considered by the board and if you are invited to become a member you will be asked to pay an annual fee of €100.



Drop an e-mail to Onur Yilmaz, (monuryilmaz(at)  and we'll put you on the yahoo group list. This will allow you communicate with other network members and find out about PLAYCE events.

Currently no annual fee



If you would like to make a donation to support the work of PLAYCE, please contact the PLAYCE chair Pihla Meskanen (pihla.meskanen(at)

PLAYCE is currently run by volunteers, but has day to day running costs which need to be met. The more funding we have the more we will be able to support the network.