Philosophical and Theoretical Approach to Architectural Education

Architectural Education deals with the built environment; from the smallest details to regional planning; from interior and architectural design to landscape design.


PLAYCE support activities that engage children with architecture and the built environment with the following aims:

Architecture - focused aims

Child - focused aims

Education - focused aims

Ethical Issues/Guidelines

Professionals working with children and young people on the built environment should:

Respects the ideas and imagination of children and young people.

Place children and young people at the centre of the process.

Work with cognisance of individuals' experience and need in relations to the built environment.

Be reflective, transparent and aware of their abilities and limitations as educators.

Not raise unrealistic expectations.

Promote social, environmental and ecological sustainability.

Take cognisance that heritage and culture is an integral part of a community and individuals' ability to develop.

Ensure that effective and useful strategies and indicators are used for monitoring and evaluation.

Be aware of and follow the guidelines that fulfil the United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child.