Since 2004 after the first international gathering of architecture educators the presentations of the future coming PLAYCE members were put together on two tabloids called Soundings for Architecture published by Alvar Aalto Academy. Those articles and the seminar publication play + space = playce from 2006 creates the basic material of this site.

Today the site is increasing by articles and project descriptions send by the members.

Articles form the book: play + space = playce

Esa Laaksonen On an Important Mission

Jaana Räsänen Architecture Education in Finland

Paulinen von Bonsdorff Architecture and Education: the question of expertise and the challenge of art

Guja Dögg Hauksdottir Architecture at Eye Level - Television as Media

Laurent Tardieu Contemporary Architecture with Children

Dariusz Smieschowski Young citizens' environmental awareness and participation in urban design

Mie Svennberg Democracy in Parctice: working with architecture in schools

Rosie Parnell Serious Play in Design:students and children exploring architecture

Hannes Hubrich Citizen education as part of architectural studies: an official "Architecture and Children" -course at the Bauhaus University Weimar

Workshop in Poland at action